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OECD 406/OCSPP 870.2600: Skin sensitization

OECD 406/OCSPP 870.2600: Skin Sensitization assesses whether a product has potential to cause allergic skin reactions. Several animals are used in the test, usually young adult guinea pigs. About a week after an initial exposure to the product (induction) animals are re-exposed (challenge). They are examined for erythema, edema and any other skin reactions approximately 24 and 48 hours later; the severity of reactions in individuals and the proportion of animals affected are reported. Inconclusive results are followed up with a further challenge test at 1 week. There are several testing options: the main ones are the Buehler test (dermal patch for induction and challenge) and the guinea-pig maximization test (intradermal injection for induction and topical challenge).


Guinea Pig

Administration Routes

Dermal, Intracutaneous

Industry Market

Chemical, Crop