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OECD 427/428: Skin absorption (in vivo and in vitro)

In vivo method

The OECD 427 Skin Absorption in vivo method determines the capacity of a substance to penetrate skin. Usually the research model's skin is dosed with the chemical at a level comparable to expected human exposure levels. Observations are conducted for a duration comparable to expected human exposure duration (often 6 or 24 hours), and toxic effects and blood draws are analyzed and documented. 

In vitro method

The OECD 428 Skin Absorption in vitro method tests for the capacity of a skin sample to absorb a test substance. Skin samples from humans or research models are placed in separate chambers of either a static or flow-through system. Temperature is held constant and the absorption process is observed. If applicable, metabolites associated with the absorption process may also be studied.


Human, Mini-pig, Mouse, Rat

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