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OECD 471: Bacterial reverse mutation test (Ames)

When bacterial strains are exposed to a mutagen, some of the bacteria in the treated population undergo genetic changes that cause them to revert to a prototrophic state and thus grow in the absence of exogenous amino acids. 

Different tester strains have different sensitivities and responses to known mutagens; therefore, using a range of tester strains increases the sensitivity of the assay to detect any mutagenic activity. 


  • Plate incorporation (OECD 471 method for treating and plating)
  • Microsuspension
  • Urine mutagenicity 
  • 6-well and 24-well Ames II screen
This capability is also available as a non-OECD option with a low compound, fast turnaround Ames screens (using a 24-well or 6-well Ames methodology). 

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