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Oncology Clinical Trial Capabilities

About Oncology Clinical Trials


With our integrated oncology team, you have a committed partner with expertise and experience across diagnostics and drug development to urgently deliver the best trial that fits your business and strategy.与我们合作,让我们帮助您从临床前研究高效过渡到人体试验。与我们合作,让我们为您找到合适的患者和研究中心、了解您的数据和独特需求并提供定制策略和成功执行计划,以快速、安全地将药物提供给急需改善生活质量和挽救生命的肿瘤治疗药物的患者。

When you partner with us, you can be confident your trial is in the hands of oncology experts who have the passion, commitment and drive to find better answers for patients, now.

  • 肿瘤学伴随诊断共同研发药物,以帮助确定最有可能从您的下一次癌症突破中受益的患者。

  • 儿科肿瘤学家和罕见病专家组成的专门团队可帮助您应对复杂的法规环境,同时打造真正以患者为中心的试验方法,从而减轻研究中心和患者的负担。

Early Phase Oncology Clinical Trials



Whether you are considering a basket, platform or umbrella oncology trial to examine solid tumors or hematologic malignancies, move away from traditional oncology trial designs to incorporate more creative and adaptive trials.


对于基因和细胞疗法(例如基于细胞的免疫疗法和CAR T)领域,我们需要采用多管齐下的方法,这不同于传统的临床试验。 From discovery to market, you can apply biomarker identification strategies, companion diagnostics, multi-level stratification designs and composite endpoints. 

Late Stage Oncology Clinical Trials





More than 90% of our Phase II & III oncology trials are delivered on-time in study startup. You’ll get access to products within our Xcellerate® Technology Suite that reduce study risk and ensure data quality while protecting patient safety - the number one priority for clinical studies - as well as those which allow you to gain operational insights with a secure, shared view of your oncology trial's latest operational metrics. 项目经理和法规负责人团队可帮助您实现里程碑。最后,利用我们与肿瘤学研究人员、本地和国际主要意见领袖(KOL)、全球合作小组以及患者网络建立的关系,快速有效地进行癌症试验。


Every oncology development team has different needs. Whether you need a CRO partner to help with every phase of development, to help you efficiently bridge from pre-clinical to clinical studies or to execute one single study, our clinical oncology team can help you meet the goals for your next breakthrough oncology treatment.


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