As a novel solution for aggregating clinical data within and across multiple trials, the Xcellerate clinical data warehouse enables the integration and mapping of massive volumes of clinical patient data from source systems quickly, reliably and with less cost.



通过审核记录和历史追踪,支持遵守ICH GCP和其他准则

随着临床试验数据数量的成倍增加,申办方需要简化数据存储库的数量,并实现完整的端到端临床数据管理、分析和集成。 The Xcellerate clinical data warehouse was designed to address the issues tied to data overload and to allow for the quick extraction of pertinent information in order to drive decision-making with efficient data integration from virtually any source.

Benefits of the Xcellerate clinical data warehouse tool:  

  • 无限制:集成到现有的试验管理源系统中
  • 合规:通过审核记录和历史追踪,支持遵守ICH GCP和其他准则
  • 易于使用:每天刷新所有数据,并自动将数据更新到各系统中
  • 有效:快速访问整个系统中各类型用户使用的关键数据
  • 高效:合并来自各系统的所有数据,以避免在这些系统内查找数据;通过高级工作流引擎加快问题的解决速度
  • 与时俱进:通过最尖端的架构根据目前和未来的数据量进行扩展

Value for trial outcomes 

Designed as a robust foundation for real-time monitoring of clinical trials and highly scalable data loading and querying capabilities, the Xcellerate clinical data warehouse flexibly supports medical, statistical and data review, safety signal detection and other analytical and reporting needs. 所有患者数据均存储于现代化NoSQL体系结构中,从而为交叉试验分析和转化研究建立了理想的框架。